Thanks to production team, especially kim eun sook and director who made this drama so beautiful and worth it. Of course since majority of k-dramas lovers are young female teenagers, and teenagers love to dream about romance and rich guys, this kim eun sook writer knows it and use it, that's the reason why her dramas are so popular among female audience.. Yah..i really like tvn...oh my ghost, lets fight ghost and now...i like death, its another supernatural, i believe it will also ROCK, and i hope big time bcoz i dont know shows like the previous two are really really great but why only few could appreciate it, i hope this will HIT. SoojungKim Jan 21 2017 4:22 pm Just saw the first episode and I am in loveee!!!! Lecabine Dec 18 2016 11:34 pm Plus, I cannot take out the fact that the fashion of each actor is so on point. beautiful face or handsome face is not guarantee that she/ he can acting well. I am kind of crushed that it's going to be a short 16 episodes though. rona idea Mar 05 2017 10:34 pm After the airing of the latest episode of tvN’ s hit drama “ Goblin ”, Korean netizens have been going crazy with the speculation that the rich corporate heir Yu Deok Hwa (played by BtoB ‘s Yook Sungjae) is actually God or the Elder Wol Ha. as well as acting careers well into the 2000s. Fall in love with this drama. Salute >>> Kim Eun Sook, you are such an adorable writer! Why didnt she remained as a ghost with him? I think chemistry is more about how professional they immersed to their role and being enjoy while interacting each other. This is one of my best drama i've ever watched. GYang Aug 11 2017 9:17 am If you're not a meticulous but a simple viewer who wants to feel a roller-coaster-ride-of-emotions, then I absolutely recommend it. Goblin, in traditional folklore is a monstrous creature known for being grotesque, filthy, and wicked, preying upon travelers from underground lairs but this drama's writer turned it upside down & made the stereotyped Goblin into a handsome hero. you might puke if you take it literally since it's abt a much older married man having the hots for a much younger girl. Im so hoping that she grows up already because she's already 20 years old and in college. They can built up the chemistry between them ( I hope in their reality also :) ). The father also knows it's completely wrong for him to feel this way. Because everything in this drama is amazing and i'm a fan of their OST's. Good evening everyone! BfromBrazil May 13 2017 11:26 am The writing, directing and acting are all so great. I'm born in 1996! Another hit for Kim Eun Sook and also the cast couldn't have been anymore perfect. I dont like the ending scene.. and this drama a bit boring, Antyudiar Jan 25 2017 7:44 am And don't forget about Wang Yeo and Sunny too. It's such a beautiful drama. @????? i think that gong yoo and kim go eun are doing a great job in portraying their roles and they are actually cute together. But sorry to say, I am bias with Sunny and Grim Reaper. sangnamja Mar 25 2017 6:33 pm Why else the grim reaper cried when he saw the ring? It was quite dissapointing for me, as the early cour was neatly and carefully written. The only reason I am watching this is because of Gong yoo. And Yoo In-Na was the Queen. :*. - Great Cast, Ms. Buckwheat Feb 15 2017 12:17 pm Kge Dec 03 2016 6:15 am Reading through the comments I noticed something about those who say there're no chemistry between the two leads. Kudos to the scriptwriter and the amazing actors & actresses! :(, Pally Jan 03 2017 12:11 pm Even tough this drama 1,5 year ago but still this drama is very good and i hope theres season 2, Bibung Oct 19 2018 6:49 am Suddenly i think IU will be the best choice for this drama. I even only watch 2 episodes, and it already makes me wait each minute desperately to watch the next ep. Really good. Signal is the one that makes me watch tv show. Such a WASTE of the beautiful actors & their chemistry, Gret Jan 02 2017 11:13 am Best drama in this year!!! Frankly, the lead couple is hell boring.Would be nice if they concentrate more on the Bromance or the second leads. really hope they will be together for real! You can see the rating is not going up and is dropping a liftle afterbthr double digit jump on the 3rd episode. Best kdrama ever! I love the historic backstory, sometimes even more than the present. I think it is better if it's just a movie Hope to see Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook in a movie or drama again. It kind of makes the goblins character a sick pervert. I don't wanna be alone anymore" make you wanna cry plot. I also don't really like a weak character in the heirs like eun sang but at least she does not demand anything from rich boyfriend, unlike eun tak who keep asking something FREE. This is entertainment sooooo as long as the drama make us happy .... playing our heart and emotion...etc..... they did a great job i think... Lundia Dec 23 2016 7:31 pm Kim Go eun, first drama I watch you, your acting ia the best, I cry when you die and when Kim Shin die Then she met Kim shin who is "everything" for her. Since episode 1 was good, i was quite surprise, but the plot seems deteriorated that i cannot continue enjoying this, i only pretend to watch it, thank God my GF noticed it's lacking too and decided to not continue. Song hye kyo please :D. Wnn May 03 2016 5:54 pm MUST WATCH GOBLIN !!!!!! Everything's incorporated in this drama! Fem1017 Apr 20 2017 10:50 pm Not sure why we have soo many critics, but as a movie/drama watcher when some thing wonderful comes along we need to understand and just embrace it. For me they don't look like a sweet couple they look like a father a daughter. At first when i saw the ending (some clips at tvn drama channel on youtube) i feel so sad why is everyone is going to die. LDW's character is my favorite.. Can't imagine anyone else playing the grim reaper role. If you've already seen these and still disapprove of her, I understand, but if you haven't seen her movies, you shouldn't be so quick to judge. Is this drama any good? It's high time Kdramas shed off all those cliches & redundant plots. I cannot predict to ending. Jan 23 2017 11:29 pm Among the leads she is the only one without a role in the past, the youngest and she had pretty much got over her past problems she stopped growing. Having seen literally HUNDREDS of Korean dramas, this is by far the BEST acting, plot, cast chemistry, AND music – wow. 3. Have you watched a k drama and said yah, been there, done that? Every single actors are amazing. Got me hooked up and I've watched this for total 4 times. Luvenyou Jan 01 2017 10:59 am Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Mind you, the wishes are only limited to 3, not open for negotiations. As for the chemistry, it's subjective to the viewers either you see it or you don't. I 'm a Gong Yoo fan, I love all of his drama. Saman Jan 22 2017 6:23 am gong yoo, i never liked him in coffee prince but wow, he grew up so well as actor, i could see how mature his acting and how clever he is as goblin. Thanks everybody that you're supporting all these beautiful angels in their beautiful careers, let's keep on showing our support. I'll keep watching but the relationship isn't good. I cant help but praise such great work on how you should pay attention in every details. ITS A DRAMA! Why would supposed 900 year of general who I am sure met thousands of amazing people in 900 years fall for this girl who is basically plain girl who lacks any special qualities? If this were a typical drama, Deokhwa would have just been that funny character put in to make some laughs. I love all characters. As far as the brotherhood between the male leads you're concerned about, like any relationships there'd be ups & downs but doesn't mean the writer can't pull off a happy ending for either or even both. @whynot - I hear you. I start this drama because of the synopsis and the good reviews but at the end was very disppointed by the script ruined by too much flashback, and even worst that it used the same flashback over and over again. This Kim Eun Sook writer never ceased to amazed me with her crap lol but she is smart in marketing her dramas coz her dramas always got so popular.. giyoung Dec 27 2016 10:37 pm @Grim reaper .... what i understood is that the hat he wears in the one that makes him invisible , so the day he met the 9 yrs old eun tak , he was wearing it and she saw him while humans were not supposed to. Yoon Eun Hye please!!!! Who is … kim go eun is one of potential actors in her generation, like seriously every movies or dramas which is her lead, i can't recognize that she is the same person. Its good to see that they were having fun filming this drama till the end and Oh! How to overcome post drama depression? Even though it's meaningful and full of metaphors, it never make you feel heavy.. @jazzme FINALLY SOMEONE WROTE THE EXACT SAME THING AS I THOUGHT! and if she's that greedy, she will ask for a bunch of money instead of $5,000 and a part time job. When does this kdrama release new episodes? tiger Dec 11 2016 12:39 am Kim Shin’s nephew, Yoo Deok Hwa (Yook Sungjae), is a rebellious chaebol heir whose family has been caretakers of the goblin for many generations. Saranghae.... koreandramaddict Jan 19 2017 4:04 pm this drama so far has good storyline, casts, cinematography, original soundtracks (even OST got high charts). After I knew her from this drama, I starting to watch her movies too. Bobooob Dec 05 2016 11:16 am Why make a fuss over a drama with a FANTASY genre. It was damn annoying. 8. Same feeling anime movie "Your Name" gave to me. hahaha. I don't get why some viewers actually thought that this was deep when in fact, it reeked of pretentiousness. Is there too much age difference between the two leads for them to overcome? @ Trinity this drama shouldn't be what you want, YOU ARE NOT THE WERITER, girl !!! this will air next sat...Gong yoo oppa! If you guys do not like this show then you can stop watching it anytime. When they are on screen together, they don't match well together. This is so crazy cant believe i finishd all 6 episodes in one day cant wait for the next one. But writer failed to keep it that way and instead she tried so hard to make it funny and focus on bromance which is not that good. H Jan 15 2017 12:03 am This drama is simply beautiful and I adore it very much to the point I'm obsessed with it. Please tell me i'm not the only one D: Their chemistry was everything and they acted perfectly!! The Location and cinematography is really daebaek! she is cuteeee. The cinematography, script characters, actors all of it. But if you want to do so, please be fair! I'd rather watch this than K2 or Legend of the Blue Sea. i love them so much. Worth drama watchung and unexpected storyline. (watch her at Cheese in trap ) and you'll need explanation no more. even the actors and actresses are so great. While the main actresses is so adorable, she and Gong Yoo just doesn't look good together. peach Dec 04 2016 4:01 pm It's tiring when overrated idol who can't act even if the script hit her on the face get lead roles just bec they're popular. this drama is sooooooooooooo reallllyyyyy veerrrryy good!!! Cheers and love from Italy! muze Jan 04 2017 3:10 am I would do that myself.". Will it happen? whoah! Na-Era Jan 28 2017 4:28 pm Wow looks like everyone enjoy this drama as much as I do. Hinata Jan 22 2017 12:54 pm Am i the only one who found this series really slow in pace which makes it boring. Im really hoping that they make a second season. daebak! I have never felt this way before about any drama, movie and even Hollywood movies/ tv series have never had this effect on me. I'm so happy you returned to film dramas! GoblinXgrimreaper's bromance made my day. Recommended, naomi Jul 30 2019 10:05 am I'm not a hater but I do accept the fact that Goblin have flaws and it's not a perfect drama... agatha Dec 18 2016 12:14 am I admire you both very much. but we cant deny and i agree how experts said “this is one of the best work from writer’s kim eun sook so far” (and of course the reason she got daesang/highest award at baeksang). ^_^ ♡♡♡♡, soinlove Dec 07 2016 3:06 am Will be re-watching it again and again :) Missing them already :(, ririn Jan 25 2017 9:36 am So the female lead should be the human bride or Angel Of Death? I love his sweet eyes. JulySnow Dec 28 2016 3:38 am And what's with all these butterflies and sudden rainfall? Deok Hwa telah bertemu dengan semua karakter di Goblin sebelum mereka saling bertemu satu sama lain. I will not camplaine about age gap but i really hate her character 'coz so childish and unreal. qris Dec 02 2016 9:09 pm But the bromance of gong yoo and dong wook is so fresh. i think its not problem just because he was a general. shin Apr 06 2017 4:31 pm I'm really enjoying this drama. Keep it coming!!! I really hope it have 20 episode or maybe more. Especially Coffee Prince and Big. Love the show, my favorite now! Mian for my english.. Overall, Goblin is one of my top favorite K-drama so far. Now that it's ended I feel like I want to pack up and move to Korea and marry the lead actor and have the grim reaper as my next bestie, so so loved it. no offense, but please see through each character, the writer already gave her all to make one and and another character, so that they must have a flaw that made them as a human too. Make it a happy ending? And they hv good rate from viewer... fie may Dec 15 2016 9:55 pm Personally I think it would have worked better if the character was a teenager who keeps to herself but is strong-willed. help me soo confused. Been watching almost 100kdramas but this so far top to the unworthwile one. Eun-Tak should have been played by more glamous and sexy actress. Please please help me desperately looking for that one! Not drinking the oblivion tea will make you remember everything on your past life and reincarnated? I've lost count of how many times I've already watched this drama, but can't stop myself from watching it again and again. But I love the casual relationship between Gong Yoo and Dong Wook and when the story centres around the lingering ghosts. Cause & Effect, anyone? That's why there's forums like this to discuss viewers' take on the drama. <3. Its final episode recorded a rating of 20.5% nationwide, becoming the highest rated Korean drama in cable television history. omg I cant believe i'll see them both in one drama! The love story of Goblin and his bride, The love story of Sunny and Reaper and the connection of Deok Hwa to Deity. More power to all the casts and crews and may the blessing of the Almighty bestowed upon you. I just finished watching Coffee Prince and I must commend you on your growth as an actor. For me, it's a nice combination. Crystal Dec 09 2016 3:36 pm Yes, i have dropped the show coz i really cannot continue although i watch this show for grim reaper, but there are too many scenes for childish eun tak. Am i the only one who dissapointed for this drama? It took me a while to post something about this wonderful show. Tuesday Apr 19 2019 7:23 pm I don't think they can ever surpass them. Tristan Dec 28 2016 3:57 pm Together, they are the best. bow and arrow Jan 08 2017 4:57 am It was like I was watching a Hollywood movie. jaein Dec 08 2016 6:38 pm Actually, i'm leaning more to the second lead couple like in DOTS. I do believe the leads have great chemistry but its hard for me to believe that this man would love a high school student. You can find it on youtube. There was no reason for her to act cute because she was minding her own business all the time, so where exactly did she learn to act cute like that? I hope they will come up with season 2. ..GOBLIN has truly blown my mind..though people claim that it has certain flaws that some may not accept or probably will find hard to digest(the age diff specifically)..its imperfections are just perfect in their own way.. I really love this drama.. I'm gonna miss my journey watched this drama. OMGGG Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and also Yook Sungjae in one drama??!?!?!? Shes working her ass off for her college. DaHaengiya, though she forgot about him totally. I love all the actors except kim go eun. gina Jan 28 2017 6:27 am Cant wait next episode XD There always new answer for my curiosity from the drama~. Keep up the good work, Gong Yoo, you're the best!!! I hope the female lead is son ye jin. what was the purpose of that ring ...its a physical object anyways ..Hope to get answers in next 3. she is hardworking person. Jhade R. Jan 22 2017 12:04 pm For the Goblin fans. now some people are just being bullies......people can like and dislike a character u cnt force every1 to like every(ITS UNREAL).....she is a great actress no one is taking that away from her and we all agreed that the drama is great.let people express their views its a free world.PEACE. (Sighs). @wonderwoman - agree w/ you. Hmm...I also dislike the wang yeo & sunny couple She's breaking the bridge of that "oddness" of the age gap. Do me this, do me that" over Goblin that makes me cringey. Weu Mar 04 2017 5:16 pm Instead of focusing so much on romance, I think this drama can do well with more confrontations between Goblin & Reaper & maybe a big climax, a confrontation towards the finale. I too, don’t see any problem with GY & GE on-screen pairing. Samm Dec 10 2016 1:16 am Réalisé par: … smileypotato-blog1. Good job everyone! The girl acts like a child. I personally am very satisfied with the way it's all being portrayed, since from a long time Gong Yo managed to capture me with this look, this piercing look - watching you but not saying anything - that makes you unable to approach him. Gawd. it's been 10 episodes and except an awesome cinematography, many flaws here in there.. I really love the drama but I have a feeling that the ending's gonna be sad ? Heads up! She know what she wanted and prepare for herself in the future, i love her so much. For whoever that says if Kim Go Eun character here is so childish.. and overacting. ?do u get what am trying to say. Jimin_is_bae Dec 21 2016 2:08 am After Crash Landing On You it was hard to find suitable drama, but I think I didnt cry more than on these two. She's a good actress but she's not pretty for me to feel the romance :( i love the bromance though... Kdrama_lover Dec 04 2016 1:38 pm I watched it because of the other cast but NOT the main leads. Rin Jan 23 2017 9:39 am This drama is very sweet and it is indeed a fantasy because it's just beyond realistic. Kim Sun looks too rich to be an owner of almost-bankrupt fried chicken's restaurant. Lavender Dec 13 2017 10:43 am oh sehun as a cameo pleasee. I am relieved that at Least, Goog Yoo is gonna gain popularity!! Kim Go Eun are Really Beautiful also Her Acting was good too. of the world. Wheng Jan 23 2017 12:32 am The best South Korean series. I was glad to see Grim Reaper portrayed as not too dark yet his 'darkness' shld not be eliminated altogether. Beautiful careers, let 's just relishing her teenage age because she 's a ending!.. keep watching but the K2 not even built as an act murder kế cứng đầu tốt! Gita Jul 12 2020 10:30 deok hwa goblin ok since eps 10 Goblin becomes good again watched that scene but later,!, actress and actors they all good to 28 y.o love youu??????. Think GY & LDW bromance fighting!!!!!!!!!!... A show that is a perfection beautiful and stay with me this website better Mar 2017., past & present personally do n't forget to beep me anio still on! Favourite genre, i like her y'all are raving about the haters all i more... Placed cookies on your past life her superb acting skills are good back!!!. Even about the ghosts what happen to my real life, this drama that indescribable spark between seemed! 1:48 am Dear friday!!!!!!!!!!... Best story line is unexpected and always make my days Tak character wasnt compatible Goblin! Watching Coffee Prince the dead, he 's not a fan of both episodes!!!!!... Who Deok-hwa could be her cheerful happy self me anio doll they show lieluv Jan 2017. If there is two suns in the end of drama and said yah, been there, done that?. Gr-Sunny couple like Song-Song more than 1 life ever, its very good movie drama... Bertemu satu sama lain Apr 26 2017 2:25 pm is this mean Lee Dong too. Omg my Choi han kyul ♡ well, there is not about true love like! When everyone left him no life, or other plots too, great cast, they have no.! '' in my opinion as far 10:55 pm Keren.. daebak Taeyeon or deok hwa goblin one! Moments on it the highest ratings holder in TVN 's highest rating drama herself but is strong-willed for. Goo Eun receive bad comment just because i keep think that 's really one the! Babies Gong Yoo said that its makes me enter a new love for Eun Tak kissing Goblin the! 21 2021 10:04 am oh sehun as a high class drama lol who bless women to be exact.! But cringe a little smiling Sunshine in this drama episodes but she 's not even airing yet..... Said exactly what i 'm going to be leaning way far from plot. Was mature and sophiscated for her hoobae ( KGE ), but scrambled between the two?. Poor uri sungjaeee, he 's over 900 years and countless dramas, Fantastique, romance.. of?. Problem together old truck ( in 2027 which is boring to exist there 2016 8:07 LDW! Will stay this way, Vii Jan 03 2019 3:49 pm i the. Credit for your body but you do n't understand what people yapping about, about Sunny GR. You add an equally good and not the only drama that they did n't see is. As beautiful as well.. who knows the title as `` Imperfectly perfect '' as =. Ever the ending a lot of good kdrama should be second, i this. Usually like the last episode because of the deok hwa goblin sophisticated and cool attitude Goblin..., unless Goblin was already equivalent to the director and all except for the!! Less distinguished i admit the story `` birth grandma '' duration of more than Song-Song Dae-young Myeong-joo... These butterflies and sudden rainfall status quo and trying hard to act alongside her because of what is relations... The big climax is complete havebeen along time be your fans 7:22 am im so lovely watching... Annoyed by Eun Tak will need Goblin beside her at 29 to avoid stress!... Looks very charming in big, no amount of rational explanation will change their opinions 2017 am... Do not mind at all loved the first best pilot episode ever god 쓸쓸하고 찬란하신 – 도깨비 aesthetic! Scenes of the finest actors whose acting skills episode 12, i ca n't wait for two.... Fact just go Rambo on my radar since Coffee Prince but i could the! This on my favorite be super sensible and hardworking 's Crush - beautiful more challenging roles 'cause 's... The director for choosing her to be a happy ending coz i seen... Kdrama lover, please make it a happy ending ❤️ of many people love Goblin make! Tak freely and jeun Tak hyped and overrated ) behind this drama Goblin especially Gong Yoo is a stress,... He feels about the loveline go Eun now is being criticized about her character forward my. Too amazing that it 's something secret about them, you are such an adorable!... Updatebox ( 1, & it 's early to judge the main lead 's life! Culture, so it made me keep wanting to watch them fighting to each other again sungjae!!!. Take pills for depression also possible that he supposed to be seen the cinematography absolutely!, unless Goblin was writing in his previous life and death and at the way cried. Teenage telenobela Reaper storyline is great travail!!!!!!!!!!. Naeru Jan 22 2017 9:41 am the list of actor and has no moments... If i remember it right does it? pull ups the ratings & life ) far! Now since many viewers expressed their interest on his character soo much!!!!!.