JavaScript is disabled. This article lists firearm cartridges that have a bullet in the 9 millimeters (0.35 in) to 9.99 millimeters (0.393 in) caliber range.. Case length refers to the round case length. OAL is dead on with my specs. I've loaded a Rainier plated 115 grn RN bullet at 1.10 COL. My powder was 4.2 grns of Titegroup. I am not sure what OAL to set. If you are a case gauge'r the process works like this. Glock 26. Today's SAAMI maximum OAL is the original DWM minimum length. (not sure tho) i believe 1.169 is the standard Max OAL. After I shoot what I have made this evening, I think I will increase the powder a little. So I set it to 1.164. The 1992 Reloaders Guide published by Hercules ( maker of Bullseye back then) lists this for 9mm Luger. Just reload 10 rds at 0.1 increments until you find a favorite load. I like to shoot for the center of that range. Using bullets from Jacketed, XTP, Lead, Copper Plated. Im kinda new to reloading also and still unsure about the OAL. This seems extremely short. 3.Dont argue with someone stupid, they win by bringing you down to their level and then they beat you with experience. By experimenting with the OAL and changing the specs he was able to not only stop the tumbling but actually got the 9mm rounds to shoot far more accurately by “tuning the OAL” to his gun. The reloading guide for American Select shows 5.2 Gr. 357 Remington Maximum. FMJs, and the manuals (yes I use three) say the minimum OAL is 1.142" and the maximum OAL is 1.169". Depending on the powder, the minimum OAL is somewhere around 1.125" (going off of memory, so I would need someone to verify that). (MODERN RELOADING Second Edition - Richard Lee) Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. Thanks for you help. As wingnut said, all bullets are not the same shape even if they are the same wt. I shoot these minor loads with my Shadow 2 and X5. JHP with American Select Powder 4.9 grains. The Alliant site shows a minimum OAL of 1.125" and a max charge of 4.7g. The G26 is not as tollerant of low power loads. The 9×19mm Parabellum or 9mm Parabellum or 9mm Luger, is a firearms cartridge that was designed by Georg Luger and introduced in 1902 by the German weapons manufacturer Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) (German Weapons and Munitions Factory) for its Luger semi-automatic pistol. Although such an edge clearly exists, its significance cannot be quantified". Will start with a small batch loaded at 5.5 gr. I'm seating my Berry's 115 RN loads to 1.14". 1.102-1.104” OAL Power factor is 128-132 to meet minimum I’m requirement for USPSA Competition. I've been searching for a week and have come up with so many different loads and O.A.L's for this combination then I went through all my books and the information … The starting load for that bullet with that powder is 3.9gr of American Select. Well, the Lyman Manual does give Min OAL, but if I remember correctly, their 115 grain sample bullet was a Hornady XTP (hollow point). With hollow points and flat points I set at 1.120. I'm aiming for an average of 1.125". I’ve only made about 6 bullets to test for OAL so far. “WTF?! Groove diameters in 9mm barrels vary from 0.354” to 0.361”. OAL is considered the muzzle — minus removable muzzle devices — to the rear of the brace (either collapsed or folded to be in its shortest form). It varies by powder. My LEE dies have the Max OAL listed on the page that came with the dies as: 1.169" I think that this is basically to guarantee that they feed in the magazines. When your reloading manuel notes a minimum OAL for a specific load it is telling you not to load this recipe below the stated minimum overall length. 40 S&W. They all had slightly different guidance for minimum OAL. One more question, how much variation in OAL is expected and/or acceptable once you've settled on a load? This OAL dimension shows the industry standard (SAAMI spec.) There is no rifling to engage so your bbl has to be used as final gage for proper OAL. My bullet seating die is currently set so OAL comes out at 1.12 inch. Range report. 9mm Caliber.355” Diameter. Glen Zediker wrote a book entitled Handloading for Competition: Making The Target Bigger, and here are some of the highlights from what it says about bullet jump and seating depth: “Determining the bullet seating depth a rifle likes best is normally ‘fine … it appears i have a tendancy to forget some people BUY cartridges in a store. Try seating the bullet to get an OAL of 1.095gr, then work your way up to that load. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I made up a batch of 1.156 OAL to see how these work in both. Hey guys, as new reloader, I'm looking for some OAL help/info.
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