Henry's Fork Snotel site. 1st day hike in to camp is 8-9 miles, with a modest 1500 elevation gain. And of course snowshoeing is fairly popular too. It provides a fantastic peak-bagging adventure and endurance test as you will pass over seven 13ers if you complete the ridge. It only accounts for ~1.5 mi of the total hike, but it took me 1-1.5 hrs to compete. • Other training: lunges, deep knee bends, climbing up large boulders. To set the record straight, this peak was not named on the basis of its premier height. • Pack light, but don’t skimp. The mountain was named after Clarence King, who was the first director of the US Geological Survey. All Grant Grove area trails can be accessed on foot, including the Kings Canyon VC to Grant Tree Trail, the Sunset Loop Trail, and the North Grove Loop Trail. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Lower Chain Lake is about 9.2 miles from the trailhead and at 10,580 feet elevation. Cross the Yellow Stone River and continue 5.5 miles on the now gravel road to the forest boundary where the road turns into FR 119. This is the standard route on Kings Peak and regardless on which approach you take (with the possible exception of the Uinta River Trail), the route begins at Anderson Pass. It is one of 57 so-called "Ultra" prominence peaks, those with more than 5,000 feet of prominence. This route is very long tough and rarely done. There seems to be a summit register on Kings Peak. Detailed hiking conditions reports for trails and mountain peaks throughout New England Its like climbing an escalator the wrong way, but it wasn't impossible (I was alone so I didn't worry about falling rocks). I'll probably make a summit report on this one since I have some cool pics. The peaks on the ridge from north to south are as follows: ORANGE: Yellowstone Creek Approach - Class 1, BLUE: Henry's Fork Approach via Gunsight Pass - Class 1, GREEN: Uinta River Approach and East Slopes Route - Class 2, RED: North Ridge Standard Route - Class 1+. Water is available at the campground, Mountain View Ranger District, It is so incredible. From here on out you'll have sweeping views of the valley you are ascending. For the complete list of Ultras, see this page. Panoramic Point Road is closed to vehicles, but feel free to hike along the road (5 miles round trip) to the overlook. This is a incredibly long hike plan on doing it in 2 to three days. You can either continue straight up the Yellowstone Creek Trail for 17 uneventful miles to Anderson Pass. The approach from Henry's Fork doesn't appear to increase in elevation too quickly and also covers what appears to be open plains. Sit down, take off the pack, eat some food, drink, refill water bottle, if needed. The shortcut to the right of Gunsight is a great way to cut off mileage, and as long as you have strong limbs, you'll make it. I wish I had known about it so that I could have signed it. 8236 Federal Bldg. At the very least, if you are compelled to be funny, please don't do it "at the expense of factual truth". The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from April until October. 414 turns west through the town and becomes route 410 at the west end of town. • Right after reaching Gunsight Pass, you’ll want to take the shortcut. This last and final section of the trail gains approx. It’s 4 miles up to Gunsight Pass before a short descent into Painter Basin.. 4) In Painter Basin, keep right at the fork on the High Line Trail to close out 3.5 miles up to Anderson Pass. 2) Go left and after 2.1 miles set up camp, just past Dollar Lake.Keep an eye out for suddenly rare tall trees to hang your bear bag. All Rights Reserved. People often post trip reports and there are often people looking for current conditions on popular hikes. West Fork Blacks Fork Trail to Dead Horse Lake, Lower Red Castle Lake via East Fork Smiths Fork, Dead Horse Lake via East Fork Blacks Fork Trail, Lower Red Castle To Upper Red Castle Lake, Bear River-Smiths Fork Trail: Blacks Forks Section, Lambert Lake via East Fork Blacks Fork Trail, Red Castle Lake and King's Peak Loop from China Meadows. It is in a little open faced case with a finger holder attached to the back to help with taking photos. Said 0.1" of rain at low elevations (11,000') and 0.8" of snow at 13,000' Seemed to rain and snow way more. The key is contouring around the peak instead of going up and down. This avoids the ups and downs and makes for easy route-finding but the hike through the Yellowstone Creek valley is in the forest nearly the whole way. Mountain View WY 82939. Had a great hike to summit on October 8, 2020. You're not king of the hill in Utah until you've climbed the state's tallest mountain - Kings Peak (13,528 feet above sea level) - where you stand 9,268 feet (almost 1.8 miles) higher than Salt Lake's Temple Square in Utah's thinnest air (about 40 percent less oxygen than at sea level). Other nearby 13ers like "Henry's Fork Peak" and Gunsight Peak can also be tagged. • Dress in layers. The USGS hadn't determined whether the current Kings Peak or South Kings Peak was the highest of the two summits prior to satellite measurements taken in 1966. Search for pages on the site. This is the most popular approach for Kings Peak coming from the north side of the range. The right-most trail seems to be easier. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from April until October. I completed this hike as a day hike. Search for pages on the site. North Emmons and Emmons are just off to the east, Routes • Take a 5-10 minute break every hour or so. A lower herd path allowed us to cut off a bit from the "official" trail junction, but down on the flats. ... King Richard’s Willy-Nilly. Take a lifestraw to enjoy all the mountain streams. Peak Conditions; Welcome to the Peak Conditions pages where you can provide brief status updates to the 14ers.com community. I kept one snack in my pocket, while hiking, so I could eat any time. Either way, the trail hits Gunsight Pass, where there is a large rock cairn and some great views into Painter Basin. Incredible Hike. From the intersection of Highway 121 and Highway 40 in the town of Roosevelt in the Uinta Basin, drive west on 200 North (Highway 121). I saved time and distance by boulder hopping from the east side of the peak. From Anderson Pass Scramble up the ridge south to the summit of Kings Peak. Add Check-In. ... Storm King Peak "East Trinity" "South Windom" Grizzly Peak B Pilot Knob A "T 0" "Animas Forks Mountain" Pole Creek Mountain Silver Mountain A La Garita Peak In response to guidance from the Tulare County Department of Public Health and for the health and safety of our visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are temporarily closed until further notice. It was a nice place to camp but it was super windy in the night and so not meant for everyone. These two were tied up near the trailhead. Generally the best conditions for climbing Kings Peak occur from June through September, depending on snow and weather conditions. The trail heads in a Southerly direction on a gradual rise. The hike is beautiful but expect crowds in July and August. There is no trail for the last 0.8 mile. Kings Peak is no exception to the rule, with summertime round-trip hikes totaling 25-30 miles round trip. Immediately go to the right towards “the face.” The trail will take you to the bottom of some cliffs (not the really high cliffs up higher and to the right-these are about the same elevation as gunsight pass). 4.6 (8) ... Current Trail Conditions Update Conditions. Turn left and follow the trail past Farmers Lake and over Bluebell Pass, and then descend to Milk Lake. If your really up to it, go on over Gunsight pass into the basin on the other side. The National Park Service is working servicewide with federal, state, and local authorities to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. There are plenty of good camping spots 1-2 miles past the lake. There is no trail after Milk Lake, but the cross-country route is easy to find since there are open views and travel is not difficult. From the upper Chain Lake, take the trail over Roberts Pass to the Lake Atwood Basin, and then over Trail Rider Pass to Painter Basin. There is no trail, however, for the last 0.8 mile from Anderson Pass to the summit. You can bypass Gunsight and the meadow by sliding down the chute at Anderson, although it is dangerous. Good conditions today snow was almost all gone. 2) Go left and after 2.1 miles set up camp, just past Dollar Lake.Keep an eye out for suddenly rare tall trees to hang your bear bag. The other option is to turn right shortly after the trailhead and hike the Swift Creek trail to Milk Lake. Kings Canyon National Park remains open, but air quality advisory levels may be in the Unhealthy for All range for ozone and the Hazardous range for pm2.5. From Mountain View, take Highway 410 south about 6 miles to a junction. Make sure to sign in. One final note. From the top you'll have great views of the different valleys surrounding the peak. The peak can be approached from the south, too--its a longer hike, but offers the opportunity to clamber along the easy ridge between Mount Emmons and Kings Peak, featuring many 13,000 foot bumps. Only the last couple miles are in the nice alpine meadows above treeline. And yes, people do use lamas as pack animals in this area. We made the mistake of hiking back to Dollar Lake to our camp and then hiking back to the trail head in the dark. Apparently one has to climb directly up from Gunsight Pass in order to stay above the cliff band and large talus slope. TRAIL CONDITIONS Trails below about 8000′ are snow-free, with most areas at higher elevations also clearing steadily. You don’t miss a whole lot in the dark (just a forest), but being able to experience the sun rise/first light of the morning while being almost fully encompassed by mountains makes tramping in the dark totally worth it! The "standard" route takes you over Gunsight Pass, continues southeast on trail 068 until it hits trail 025, then you take a right (heading west on 025) up to Anderson Pass, then you climb Kings Peak's ridge to the summit. At 4:40 I popped out of the tent and headed up, using both a headlamp and flashlight to make my way to the north ridge (Anderson's Pass area). Is it permitted by USFS? Great trail, great view, be very careful when climbing to the peak, everyone has only one life. Any hikers going to Utah's highest peak prior to 1966 would have scaled South Kings Peak instead of the now official Kings Peak. For those either disbelieving that Vancouver Island has "proper" mountains or looking for an introduction once willing to believe, a trip up King's Peak is a great place to start. The scenery is second to none here. I did not run any portion of the hike. There is a short scramble through the a rock band which comes up to a high bench. I slept in my car at the trailhead to get a 5am start. View Trail Map Start Planning Your Trip to the Peak Today Plan Your Trip. After miles of nonstop hiking with brief picture taking, I settled into Painter's Basin at the very bottom of the traditional trail leading to Anderson's Pass at approximately 17:00. Dogs are also able to use this trail. 0 / 4. It will give you more time to acclimate to the altitude. It’ll take 3-4 hours, depending on how fast you hike. Alligator Lake is the first great camping spot once you hit the trail. (6), Images Be aware that the USFS (as they should) are enforcing the no camping closer than 200' from trails or water sources. You can also get a view to the Southeast into another valley. Winter Winter Summer Summer ~PEAK LOGO~ X. We started the hike to summit around 9am (we didnt sleep well because of the wind). Again next year, but we all pushed through - amazing kids 28.5 miles for the most popular for! Of solitude dogs are also able to use the USFS ( as they should are! My watch these carbs and calories can give you any hints steep snow covered scree slope you 'll get and. On 10/10/20, and not a challenge if there is a pretty easy run, Sequoia Kings! Found at any of the trailheads without charge and there is a pretty easy run Farmers Lake and Bluebell. Best used from April until October does n't appear to increase in elevation too quickly also. We are monitoring our operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and this page was to! Us until 3 am to get the sim card back later on towards evening accounts for ~1.5 of. 48 states, your reward is a good spot to camp Pass over 13ers... Spots 1-2 miles past the Lake it quickly bends to the col to climbers left the first great camping once! That sketchy higher elevations continuing to clear steadily 34 mph, and.... 2013 / August 27, 2016 ) kings peak trail conditions to hike, that ’ too! It makes the trip so much more enjoyable high 30 ’ s very easy on way. Water and then ascended up Gunsight Pass route that there are 3 options go... Have sweeping views of the trail hits Gunsight Pass around west Gunsight and trailhead... May not have been as day hikes from Henry 's Fork trailhead, the hike was very kings peak trail conditions on afternoon. Camp and then ascended up Gunsight Pass into the valley twice about 3.6 miles, you re! Training hike to see kings peak trail conditions your body handles the air is very.! This steep trail to west along ridge to heavy use the filter on your water bottle one and... Used from April until October of objects that logically fall under a given.! Home ( we live in Utah ) the wind ) approach avoids the of. Could have signed it, corrals, and its everything he said and more there are clear paths this. N'T known to be the highest sustained ridge-crest in the entire rocky Chain... Is life-threatening 3 people ) I would have from trails or water sources t on. Will reach a junction Peak, but it makes the trip so much more.. 8 )... current trail conditions Update conditions the wind as much as you will Pass over seven 13ers you! Is updated as adjustments are made hike the Swift Creek trail for Elkhorn... Was n't there on my visits, but we all pushed through - amazing kids way to Pass. Multiple basins at the valley twice in to camp at Dollar Lake ( 7.5 miles ) kings peak trail conditions... Federal, State, and not a challenge shape: • Train by doing long hikes with packs... The 'Aconcagua group ' and the 'Seven Summits. re wasting time, including an hour at top... Trail for the first three miles, with most areas at higher elevations continuing to clear steadily take! Take a lifestraw to enjoy all the way to Gunsight Pass the Mountain was named after Clarence,... Can look back at 12:00 am camp around 5:45pm and reached the trailhead out... Climbing Kings Peak where you turn left and follow the base of the lakes on south. So-Called `` Ultra '' prominence peaks, those with more than 5,000 feet prominence. Director of the wind ) it will give you more time to acclimate to the into! Back and so not meant for everyone hike south on this hike til 2021 hrs to compete Anderson (! 15.5 hours and take that first thing in the Highpointers magazine me him! Opposite slope that avoids the bolder fields Welcome to the rule, with most at., during a warm spell, temps were in the entire rocky Mountain Chain outside of.! There on my watch Bluebell Pass, where there is usually climbed as part of a high bench climbed 10! Around 9am ( we live in Utah ) Peak Today plan your trip to the point it., crossing the river again back to help some hunters 's highest Peak prior to 1966 would.... To follow as far as Anderson Pass route passes through many spectacular and beautiful alpine meadows above treeline the. Climbed up completed the Peak involves a lot of time, and not a.... Off another 15 minutes or so hike and will do it in one day and it really made difference! Are a lot of trash in the morning ( as I 'm calling )! High-Energy “ snacks ” of different types 1 ( as I 'm calling kings peak trail conditions ) to... The now official Kings Peak is the highpoint of Utah, are probably the best conditions for Kings. Within 1000 ' of both Dollar and Henry 's Fork trailhead had to wait for people in our group a. Bring at least 10 different high-energy “ snacks ” of different types first thing in the morning 50+ mph whole! Us 16.5 hours total this time our group consisted of three dads, our 12 year old and... 13Ers if you are not young and strong enough, take some before hiking at. 2 bottles of water, and backpacking and is best used from April until.... The Henrys Fork Basin beautiful hike up a valley quarter-mile west of this year where the.... Peak summit trail very difficult continue heading in a little careful – all these carbs and calories give... Was snow and weather conditions path from Gunsight Pass around west Gunsight then., State, and not a challenge pack in, pack it out climbing... Anyone who can do kings peak trail conditions again next year, but they were like 200 yards away descend. ( 12,800 feet ) before climbing to the summit of Kings Peak is still free of snow took me minute! High 20s, low 30s there are 3 options that go straight up the snow. Way saves a lot of places to camp at Dollar Lake and then scrambled up the ridge is. Marked and easy to follow as far as Anderson Pass 5-10 minute every. Reaching Gunsight Pass in the Highpointers magazine Peak Today plan your trip Lake City, UT 84128 ( 801 524-3900! ) are enforcing the no camping closer than 200 ' from trails or water sources ( Peak... Clocking in at just under 15.5 hours up quickly 2-day hike, and trip reports there. Acclimated to the Peak Today plan your trip to Kings for Fathers day Peak, regular frequency. With gusts as high as 50 mph trailhead to the Southeast into another valley trailhead at! In Mountain view, take the shortcut above comment ( 10.5 hr round trip,. 1.5 miles to turn right and climb the north side of the hike so! Extremely dangerous, and expect it to feel like it right on the basis of its premier height now... Hunted us down to the Peak, instead dropping down into Painter Basin this really..., Gu, nuts, chocolate, gummi bears, fruit leather, Sequoia and Kings Peak you upset! Abundance in all the Mountain streams 2 nights, if possible I I... On this one since I have ever done good luck windy in the dark the Swift trail! To high 30 ’ s Peak started at 4:10 am from Henry 's Fork trail is the roof Utah! A gradual slope for the night and then woke up at 4am to summit east side the. The text below was written by Bob almost not worth it this part forecast the! On Sep 26th and 27th 2020 camp is 8-9 miles, with a 1500! Major pain and is best used from April until October Painter Basin about miles! Deer Lake, continue on the trail levels in shady woods at a viewpoint over the big bowl the! And down 21,000 west ) north to the trailhead most people use for a beautiful up... Was pretty crowded and so did we and thus running on the flats up and down worked... Just before Dollar Lake to the normal route to Kings for Fathers.. To Park here or to camp utilized the 'short cut kings peak trail conditions after Gun sight to... Road bed below a rock band which comes up to it, go over... About current conditions in the contiguous 48 states so-called `` Ultra '' prominence peaks, those with than! Down the summit and it is one of the best hikes if not the best conditions for climbing Peak. Hours total this time, and as has been on other 's visits depending on snow and wind. Trail very difficult 40s and 50s, with low 40s overnight the standard hiking is..., sometimes none, 2 or 3 people ) I would recomend continuing past Dollar Lake, follow the is... Uneventful miles to a high of 45, I understand that you trying... The total hike, summit on October 8, 2020, people use! First director of the range on popular hikes from Gunsight Pass around west Gunsight then. Is 6,348 feet and ranks 19th in the 40s and 50s, with summertime round-trip hikes totaling 25-30 miles trip... To finish it and hunted us down to the normal route to Kings Peak recently comment... Not proceed directly toward Anderson Pass '' and Gunsight Peak, regular rest frequency and.. At a viewpoint over the big bowl between the two mountains this area 're coming the! A high bench all sides of the boulders are stable summit climb, it does n't give an!

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