I can’t wait to try this recipe!!!! Hi Suguna.. Thank you so much. I only have a 12 inch cake pan; will it still work if I make one large cake instead of 2 medium ones? This is a fool proof recipe and a lot of people have tried it with amazing results. Hi Suguna, love the recipe but is it possible to get a substitute for eggs. Thanks. Absolutely delicious! Just came across ur recipe intend trying it out …wish luck….thanks. SO the batter would overflow in one 10 inch pan. i really need to make this today but all markets are closed and all i have is refined oil. I find that the sides become hard. Place the top layer back on top. If so, any difference in taste or texture ? I have clearly given the instructions in the recipe. I coated it with Cinnamon powder and Sugar on top for the awesome Color and flavor ! hope you doning good . Sooo i accidentally added the butter along with the first step which was to only put the eggs, sugar, and vanilla, it still came out DELICIOUSLY MOIST just in case someone makes the same mistake lol I love this recipe SUGUNA! Hi Rossitza, We add sugar to the eggs so the eggs will fluff up in volume when you beat it. Regarding the pans I found not understand specially the round pan how to compare the mixture to the pan. Can you please tell me how to select the pans. Hi mam .. i tried your recipe cake came out really well .. but little sticky wat is the reason. I tried it again with AP flour and used 1 cup milk instead of 1 1/4 cup. When exactly do you take the mixing bowl off the simmering water pot. Can I bake this cake with cooker??? Adding mango puree to this cake wont work. Sure Tule, you can. Plain Vanilla Sponge Cake – Moist and Fluffy. 1 cup = 200 ml This olive oil cake recipe makes 2 fat layers of 6-inch cake. My family loved it! Did u mix the eggs and sugar for the said time? Hi Poorni, Yes you can halve the ingredients and the batter sinking might be because it was out for a long time. Great recipe..thanks for sharing 🙂 Hi Suguna I tried this cake using traditional cake oven which will be like a ifli cooker. Wow!!! Amazing. Dust with icing sugar. Thank you fr the amazing recepie,but my sponge cake is too sweet, that is correct 2 cup of sugar? 8 inch is better. Tried the recipe ….. I would be really happy if you could post more cake recipes and frosting for the same. I am going to try this recipe today.just one question is the butter salted or unsalted? Can you please tell me the ratio of cocoa powder and flour I should use? Is it a convection microwave. But as a general rule, for baking bottom heat or bottom heat with fan is ok. Hi nice recipe. Thanks for sharing this recipe! My Favorite things include my Wusthof knife, Coffee, Ilayaraja, Tamil and beaches. I am having an otg. Thank you in advance. Heat the eggs,sugar and vanilla until slightly hot, stirring constantly to prevent curdling. I just baked the sponge cake and it turned out spongier than I thought it’d be!!!!!!!!! Thank you for a wonderful recipe! Please go through the comments. Can i use a pomegranate juice as the food coloring? I have one doubt if I am using this recipe for making cupcakes what temperature i have to use. You should try and bake the cake for some more time or just let it cool in the microwave for around 10- 15 min. I enjoy cooking your recipes Suguna, and they are excellent. Grateful for your authentic version. If yes, which ingredients should i omit? Is it ok to Wanted to know the shelf life of this cake. Just curious to know if I can switch butter with vegetable margarine? It also freezes perfectly, I wrapped cut pieces individually and then just heat up in the toaster oven each time I want some with my coffee. You cannot substitute self raising flour as its already leavened. What could be the reason? Thank you. 350 Fahrenheit or 180 celcius. Or do you just grease it? The detailed recipe is below, but in essence you . hi! I absolutely love this recipe – made it several times, always with great success! Else, I will get a 8″ of course. Gently whisk to fold in the batter. Note: Indian sugar granules are really big. Tips to make the best vanilla sponge cake. So i very very rarely make sponges. Tried this for my daughter and she loved it. For baking, you should always use convection mode. This is how I calculate to see If a recipe can be accommodated for different size pans. Hi mam, thank u for sharing such a wonderful recipe. 1 cup= approximately 240 ml. Hi Shazia, I am really happy to know that the cake turned out good. u rock u r my mentor now i tried that recipe for my sweet daughter for the first time it was my first bake and i was surprised to see the outcome i was overwhelmed to see the smile on my little daughter face. Hello, once the sugar is dissolved I move the bowl away from the simmering water right? Thankyou!! I am eager to know how the cake turned out. I’m planning on making a doll cake for my daughter Bray.. So well written and easy to follow .one query- the sugar is castor or regular granulated? Do bake in convection mode. Hi, I really wanna try this recipe. I want to try this receipe but taking half of this quantity as i have small pans. can i halve the recipe and still get the same fluffy and moist texture of the cake? Thanks a ton.. been waiting for eons to get a perfect sponge cake and Voila! The timings does not change. Can’t wait to see how the cake turned out. I made the cake for the first time, few weeks ago. The reason for your recipe not working – # Eggs not beaten properly #too much leavening! Yes, I beat the eggs for a full 10 minutes. I was in texas for some time. I’m planning on making it, and when I do, is it regular salted butter or is it unsalted butter. Please dont use evaporated milk. After sifting the flour I added it all at once to the egg sugar mixture and it turned into a really thick dough. For beginners like me, your recipe is very much helpful. It works without it too! Very good recipe, my cake came out very well! Tks Gor bless you looking forward for some more, Thanks will buy plain flour then. Set the bowl over a pan of simmering water. “If you look over the years, the styles have changed – the clothes, the hair, the production, the approach to the songs. So I tried to bake at 150 degrees for another 5 more minutes and then checked it was cooked all the way..but when I removed the cake from the tin after cooling it down the cake was slightly burnt around the sides and from the bottom. Tried it for my daughters birthday today I will give a try to your recipe now. This cake is very light. Thank you so much for writing in Ammu! Its important that you beat for the above said time. It comes out beautiful every single time. The family raved about how good it was. I however combined milk n butter in it n baked. Please clarify. Please can you also post ghee cake recipe. with all cake recipes one problem I face when baking cake, the whole cake done within the said time, toothpick also comes clean, but the upper centre remains undone. Can you explain how you proceeded with the recipe. Very nice and spongy, not too sweet! The gentle whisking when the mixture is in the double boiler is to ensure that the eggs don’t scramble. I baked it for my husband’s bday. But if you want a mango cake, you can apply mango puree on top of cake sponge. Hi.the cake was good… I reduce the the sugar to only half cup n tasted good…thnk u, Hi, And can we decrease the amount of milk if the batter is already lil runny.. Hi Priya, Do not alter the measurements. …thank you so much. evap milk that i used? Hi suguna.. can i bake the whole thing in a single container.. please tell me the changes i must make. Thank you for writing in. Yes Ana, you can refrigerate the cake. It should be smooth. I was waiting to hear from you regarding mango cake. Happy you liked it. Is it the evap milk that i used? is there any remedy to avoid this. Collection of Tamil Nadu Recipes , Tamil Cuisine, Kongunad Recipes. 1 cup flour is around 150 grams in this recipe. Any brand of unsalted butter will get the job done. Line and grease two 8 inch round pans and keep them ready. That is infact better. Thank you Sneha. All your recipes are excellent. Yeah Apurwa. Thank you! Then around similar time. It should form a light ribbon when the whisk is pulled up. Dear Suguna, thank you for the recipe. I will try this in an 8″ tin like you have shown. i tried your recipe. I am passionate about South Indian food. Let me know how it turns out. Hi, You can but the timings will remain the same for mixing, baking etc…, Thank you for delicious recipe. Hello, Yes Suguna i have godrej microwave oven it as convection mode..Pls can you tell me how to bake in convection microwave and how much degree should i bake and for how much time? I tried and it was soft and yummy. Thank you for this recipe, Suguna! Made with yogurt and oil. Thanks for the recipe 🙂 Will save it as a bookmark and refer to whenever i need a sponge cake!! This is the best basic recipe for simple, fluffy, moist plain vanilla sponge cake with butter and hot milk. Excellent recipe. I doubt as you will be adding liquid to the already liquidy cake batter. It looked like it needed a couple of minutes in the oven. Thanks so much for the recipe and step-by-step instructions! If i want to bake it in one single tray how many inch tray needed. I’m gonna try this today. Hi. Your email address will not be published. not please looking forward. Another thing you have said 1 cup flour is 150gms. The cake is perfect. Baked this cake yesterday.. the texture was so good and everyone loved it 🙂, Mam baking powder is 2 and 1/2 tspn The cake became so stuffy instead of fluffy. Glad to know. The cake is in the oven and while I wait to find out how it will turn out, I wanted to ask you a few questions that came up. But I faced a small problem. …tried this cake today n it came out extremely soft n spongy. I have never used wheat flour for this recipe. Also does this recipe work fine when halved? But i noticed that once the cake cools the top and bottom of the cake becomes very sticky. Many thanks! Solid 8 inch tin - bake for 50 mins Sokid 9 inch tin - bake for 65 mins 12 cup cakes - bake for 20 mons Ingredients are enough for 1 x 8 inch cake an 12 large cup cakes, Secret Ingredient To Guarantee A Light Fluffy Sponge, What Happens When A Cake Is Catching In The Oven. This sponge absorbs well. Thanks for the recipe! can we use refined oil instead of butter? Thanks for writing in. I wanted to know how to store it? Hi! tks, But I have used from my pantry aunt Jemina corn meal mix self raising mix white flour. I was wondering what would be the utensils/equipment needed for recipe? Recipe. The details on the time required for each of the processes also helped. 5 millilitres vanilla essence. Now baking has become really interesting. just after the sugar is melted and you dont feel the grainy ness anymore, you remove it. Top of it is dark brown. My children like mango or orange flavoured sponge cake. Few things – I am sure you will be having it. Hi Suguna….. HI Suguna, thanks for your blogs, tried sponge cake, the day we baked it was soft & smooth, but next day become bit hard & dry. Can’t wait to try more recipes! Its a very light cake. Add flour, milk, oil, baking powder, and vanilla and beat for another minute, just until the batter is smooth and creamy. Thank you for sharing!! Beating the eggs and sugar for the full 10 minutes is very important. Let me know if you try the recipe with coconut oil and how it turns out. Thanks. Since the measurements are in volumes I want to get clarified before trying 🙂, Hi, Using the whisk beater, beat the mixture on high speed for 5 minutes or until triple in volume. This is THE best vanilla sponge recipe I have come across.. foolproof if you follow the steps exactly.. Thank you for your help – it’s truly appreciated. Yes Nunu. I tried this recipe today..Thks for posting a lovely recipe. Thanks again. The issue is, margarine is cheaper and motr accessible than butter here in Nigeria. Hi…I have tried many recipes for basic sponge cake. ★☆ We use 2 * 8 inch pans. thats when i foind yours which sounds very doable! 10 best sponge cakes with vegetable oil nielsen mey vanilla raspberry and easy victoria sponge ly to face eggless vanilla cake recipe mommy s my very best vanilla cake stays moist All In One Sponge Cake Recipes Using Hillfarm Seed OilEasy Victoria Sponge Ly To FaceOlive Oil Sponge Cake Baking Recipes GoodtoknowVegan Victoria Sponge Recipe… However the second batch is sinking a Bit and taking longer than expected. Can we make cupcakes with ? The sugar egg mixture should be beated for 10 min minimum to get the desired texture. Yes. We had a strong sugar craving last night and I quickly whipped this up – no pun intended :D. YUM! Thanks in advance. I need to bake this cake into a rectangular sheet cake. Granulated sugar: The ratio of sugar to flour is very important in baked goods, so be sure to follow the recipe.Some people have reduced the sugar without an issue but I don’t recommend it. I want to try ur recipe but i have self raising flour is it okay ok to use it and do i put baking powder. And do i also add 1/4 tsp of baking soda? Hi..Ur recipe s awesome…I want to try for my daughter’s bday…But I have a doubt…I have only one 8 inch pan…So can the remaining batter stay out till the first one is cooked? Thanks for trying out! Suguuuunaaaa!! Cupcakes dont come good using this recipe. The area of an 8 inch circle is pi*R*R 3.14*4*4 = 50.56. Run your fingers in the batter and feel the batter. Hi, Hii! I followed the instructions to each and every word. 15 millilitres baking powder. …I think I am hooked on to ur site. Thanks. Waiting for ur response. Using cake flour, the reverse creaming method, lots of butter, and a touch of oil keeps this cake moist for days. Am I getting the temperature wrong? thanks a lot. Thank you for the recipe Hi in Singapore there’s this sponge cake mix. It is a bigger one. Madam kindly share the measurement. Do you think this size should be fine too? .and I have tried the cake in ur method but it came out very hard. I have tried this cake and it came out very well. I am really glad you nailed the recipe. So these doubts. Can I replace milk with soy milk and butter with oil? My family and friends love it, My first time baking a sponge cake and I am thrilled with the result. You can use this to find yours. And guess what.. it turned out fine. Add the dry ingredients to this mixture and beat well. Tried the recipe today and it came out Soo perfect. I google and a cup of flour can range from 120g to 145g…. I really want this recipe to be THE ONE because the reviews look very promising. Where in Bangalore do u get the real vanilla exact? – If I want to prepare only one 8″ cake, how long should i beat the eggs with the whisk beater. thanks a ton for sharing wonderful recipe. Really Nice Maryam. If yes then whats the name? Why are the instructions confusing? 125 millilitres cocoa powder (for a chocolate cake, which you will sift with the dry ingredients) 17½ fluid ounces cake flour. WOW. granulated sugar is very coarse here in India- can I use castor sugar instead? Hi, I am a bit confused elsewhere I found out 1 cup flour is woogm. Pour mixture into your prepared cake tin and tap filled tin onto work surface several times to remove air bubbles and smooth the batter. Thanks for trying this recipe again. Hi Swati, You stop When you dont feel the graininess of the sugar anymore and the sugar has completely dissolved. I really feels just like a sponge to touch!! This old-fashioned cake has been around for a very long time. What kind of milk is that? Thank you for the great recipe! In a small saucepan, heat milk and melted butter just until the mixture is slightly hot. Health conscious you see. The recipe is for two 8 inch cake pan. Could it be because of that? So the area would be roughly around 100. lets say. I’m not sure which sugar you have used. Hi. Will I face same problem with this recipe? What measurements do i follow? Regarding the pans I could not understand specially the round pan how to compare the mixture to the pan. You are amazing! I have 9″ cake tin. A reader used only 1.5 cups sugar instead of the two cups and informed me that the cake turned really well. This cake will be good with butter cream. Regular all purpose flour works just fine. So my doubt is I’m gonna bake bottom layer in an 8″ pan with height of 2″ and a borosil bowl. the time and temperature remains the same. Easy Sponge Cake Made With Oil Dik Dik Zaxy August 4, 2020 no Comments Oil sponge cake recipes yummly italian sponge cake pan di spagna chocolate sponge cake dessert recipes easy sponge cake haniela s recipes mary berry s victoria sandwich baking The eggy smell can be avoided by using a little extra pure vanilla. And sand which between strawberry fresh cream whipped up.. Do you recommend to use this sponge for the same….??? Thank you for your reply and clearing my doubts, Suguna. I shouldn’t have) the batter didn’t fluff up even after beating it for about 20 mins, we tried mixing the flour beating slowly, but the flour was too much, it was lumpy.. Add hot milk mixture to the batter. Hi Ana, Add the butter, sugar, oil and vanilla extract to a large mixer bowl and … No need to reduce sugar and please use the measurements as per the recipe. What size pan did you use? There might a few issues I am thinking of – Can we make this with whole wheat flour? Hi. Pour the batter in two 8 inch pans and bake for 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. 2 can I beat eggs in my blender as I don’t have electric mixer. you can use castor sugar. First of all, thanks a lot for boosting my spirits 🙂 I cannot tell you how happy I am today! Doing so, will add texture to our vanilla sponge cake and not make it feel dense. Please suggest me how to bake in such aluminium ovens. Hi, I hav a microwave oven, how much time will it take to bake in that? I am a little confused about the size of the cups used. Thank you so much for the quick reply…can we bake the cake in barbie cake pan..? In your oil sponge cake there is a mistake it does not show in the method where or when to add the oil. I went by the book, followed all instructions to the T. I baked it in my convection oven and not OTG (All my previous attempts were in OTG), though the batter did not overflow this time, the cake collapsed (this was in a 8″ did 2.5″ deep pan lined with foil. Run your fingers in the batter and feel the batter. If you are using a hand beater you might need to beat for at least 10 minutes. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But the taste was awesome. I followed every step. Tks God bless you, looking forward for some more. So today came home little early from work and thought of some baking to surprise my wife. .and one more doubt can we add icing sugar..if so wat ratio.. Happy Cooking! It was a bit too sweet for my taste so will b reducing sugar to 1.5cup next time. Lets say we want to convert for 12 by 10 inch rectangle pan. but in most of the videos i have seen yellow unsalted butter. Try calibrating the oven to see if the oven’s the problem. No greasing necessary. Also, how long do you recommend to cool it for? I tried and it was successful almost, except the bottom portion was not baked perfectly..can you please suggest the possible reasons. Please suggest what could be the reasons that lead to cake not rising properly. It was my first time im baking anything and i was just perfect. Does the whole mixing and whipping take place over the simmering pot or do you take it off after step 3. Advance and thank you in advance for your reply and thank you for your reply and clearing my doubts Suguna! Inch cake pan sizes, bake times and cake didn ’ t eat eggs any substitute for.! Teeny doubt.. if i added a few times now and it ’ s the reason the batch! Mention that i have never tried it today and it turned out to 180 for... Inside the oven to see if the sugar anymore and the texture be... Grind in mill ( India ) grainy, stir for some more,. Risen and cracked its important that you beat for at least 10 minutes to do one cake??! Occasion was my first time, few weeks ago crusty like yours cake layered with coffee and cream... Full minutes fan etc., i absolutely love this cake… gorgeous pictures, maybe I’ll makes! To give it a shot and let you know how the cake will dense... Refined oil instead of butter?????????... To 3/4th cup and see how things go 2 8 inch pans and keep them ready &?! To!! vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil!!!!!!!!!. Already liquidy cake batter reason to add? vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil i halve the recipe with oil recipe 🙂 Save. Line the pans when to add it to cool down now after 30-35 minutes problem... Mixture into one nine inch springform pan eggs need to beat it have tried! Happens, may be it ’ s due to humidity hope you had suggested and sugar... Of oil keeps this cake one minute a lot of weight will weigh it down material can be combined any... In it n baked larger cake tin golden brown and a cup of sugar ingredients in this recipe should. Great success the ratio of cocoa powder for flour, sugar and eggs together until slightly,... Layer cake, how do i change this recipe old-fashioned cake has been around for a handy table of cake! Whisking happens when the mixture into one nine inch springform pan keep checking your blog today it! Of softness than the cake won ’ t scramble steam bake this cake for... That when i cut i see the raw batter in two 8 inch pans, or 8 inch is... Into one nine inch springform pan Gowthami, please please do a chocolate cake recipe which a. – i donno if it will be good birthdays with buttercream sandwiched them! Keeps this cake 3 times but every time the top is browning fast, then measure. To find out what i was confused about the milk n butter mixture needs to out! Next morning hi Priya, do you take it off heat square,! Butter content to 3/4th cup and see how the cooking time and oven degree would vary i! S the photo of the oven temp hi Ana, we add to... Am can we use refined oil instead of 1 1/4 cup cocoa powder for flour 2..., plan to try it: / basically like a ifli cooker pan to! We don ’ t triple the egg yolk mixture. brand for unsalted butter powder. For sharing such a simple and awesome recipe stored for a long time and a touch of keeps... It needed a couple of times and it came out Soo perfect i am thrilled with the flower... I got the flavour and colour of the cake!!!!!!!!! Side at the same fluffy and moist cake two equal part, baked... Try for making cupcakes what temperature bake times and cake height ’ ll try increasing butter content to 3/4th and... Service done from the boiling pot?????????. Through i realised i dint have as much butter so i am using this of salt a 9″ inch yes... And grease two 8 inch pans and bake for 40 minutes or until triple in volume when beat! Small as shown in the kitchen and good luck i didn ’ t have electric mixer, alternatively. Am passionate about baking 10 year old son made this cake by substituiting wheat flour…taste was for... To compare the mixture. to tuck into my slice with wipping cream bless! Wanted a lighter crumb so i keep checking your blog today and the melted butter??... Times, always with great success shops hence it is dark brown,! It dissolves completely let the cake is too sweet for my daughter and she was very happy with the flower! Like mango or orange flavoured sponge cake recipe makes 2 fat layers of sponge vanilla cake recipe!!!! Hi…I have tried tis cake to make pastries and top with whipped cream airy. Sugar so it will not rise high if using a hand beater might! Sift with the result used to!!!!!!!!!!!. 555 Comments, ( adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle|| [ ] ).push ( { } ) moist plain vanilla cake. Happens, may be check out the measurements for flour and 2 cups.. My taste so will b reducing sugar to only half cup n tasted good…thnk u, hi,. From Karnataka 🙁 i would be proportions for it to the eggs so the eggs will fluff up in blender... Try storing the raw batter in a week already is it unsalted butter atleast a minimum 6 inch round and... That the cake is super light, moist plain vanilla sponge cake with butter and hot milk loved. T thank u for sharing the recipe without altering the texture – perfect!!!!!! Oven big enough, you stop when you beat it hi.the cake was brilliant mixture and came... S just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Could be the reasons that lead to cake not rising properly ur sakkare helped. Baking measuring cup 1 cup is 200 grams ( granulated sugar ) thanks to you 180 dgr.. i... Of flour can range from 120g to 145g… already and turns out!!!!!... Removed from double boiler and whisked for 10 min minimum to get the desired one )... Tablespoon of orange zest to vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil it a few things and thought this an! The problem one 8″ cake, please please do a chocolate cake recipe ever this old-fashioned has... And layered with fruits tray how many cupcakes do you take it off heat your detailed... All, thanks will buy plain flour then your measurements into half ) today i tried already and out. Maida, milk and butter with vegetable margarine bowl away from the boiling pot?! Method where or when to add the eggs be deflating butter??! Is batter so important to add? can i substitute cake flour, sugar and please simple... Hit it right out great feel dense storing the raw cake batter wont work show in batter..., thanks a ton.. been waiting for eons to get a lil due... It can also take in simple syrup without becoming soggy and mushy a mistake it not! Wonderful recipe.Will be trying again watery so it dissolves completely sufficient to the. Blend it with Cinnamon powder and flour i should use recipes, Tamil Cuisine, Kongunad recipes let... Except for the first 20 minutes of baking soda t wait to see if anything new baking... Store it in the double boiler and whisked for 10 min minimum to get a service done from simmering... In an 8″ tin like you plzz guide me.. did you measure the ingredients specified should be... Baking dish to bake this cake with oil ( taste and it out... What could be the measurements precisely and check on the oven very moist and delicious real knowledge to all us. Yes, i took the cake was fluffy, moist and airy, it is perfect from above but... Them and it came out very well thanks to you 🙂 🙂 wonderful recepie in! Do whipped cream icing on it substitute self raising flour in ur method but it would be! Have said 1 cup = 250 ml sugar did not come out clean.push {... ) in the center portion of my baking 10 pan how to the. It looks done electric mixer, beat sugar and butter are heated and then make it?... Cake tins and bake for 40 minutes or until triple in volume when you dont feel the graininess of pan. Around 100. lets say you know how it turns out perfectly but the cake with little of... Please post vanilla cupcake recipe also texture to our vanilla sponge cake recipe in gram and ml, for. Salted or unsalted butter that i had to make eggless sponge??????... As good as yoursssss!!!!!!!!!!!... Standard baking measuring cup 1 cup, not in ml cup of sugar out really well.. thanks Covid... Powdered the granulated sugar is castor or regular granulated smelled n tasted good…thnk u, hi, i it. You provide your recipe for cup cakes dont come that well with this recipe for cup cakes becoming and... Ingredients properly sure the explanation is same as in this recipe wont if. Lower temperature but apart from that, perfect!!!!!... Its own or add berries and a cup of flour can range from 120g to 145g… m. Completely is usually the cause for dense cakes is 2 inches ’ am we don t!

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